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Selecting Microphones For Your Home Recording Studio

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There are a huge variety of microphones available for the home studio owner. they fit all budgets, offer many unique sounds, and work for different applications. It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed looking for the right mics for your studio. This article offers a few tips to get you started.

First of all, this article is aimed at beginners. if you are already racking up a nice microphone collection, you will probably already know much of this information. if you are planning your first mic purchases, read on.

Your budget is extremely important. Avoid spending more than you have and getting yourself in debt. Start with simple, inexpensive microphones and learn some good mic’ing techniques. later on you can upgrade. Decide how much you have to spend, and stick to your budget.

For the first couple mics, you need to serve a variety of purposes. you will likely need to mic vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and acoustic instruments. one surefire way to cover all these areas is to start off with a Shure SM57. This mic is incredibly versatile. It can handle lots of applications and will last a lifetime. plus it’s under a hundred bucks.

But if you want to diversify just a bit, I would recommend getting a large diaphragm condenser and a dynamic microphone. The condenser is great for vocals, acoustic stuff, drum overheads, etc. you just want to avoid placing it directly in front of a loud sound source. That’s what the dynamic mic is for. your dynamic mic can handle high SPLs, so you can place it directly in front of a cranked guitar amp. With these two microphones, you’re off to a great start already.

When it comes time to expand your mic locker, consider adding another large diaphragm condenser. Having a pair of condenser allows you to mic drum overheads in stereo. That will greatly improve the stereo image of your recordings. you can also add additional dynamic mics. With more of these mics, you can mic more drums or guitars at once. later, when you have a little extra cash in your budget, consider investing in a good quality kick drum mic. This mic will make your drums sound ten times better, and it’s great for recording bass guitars too.

Remember that buying mics is fun. you get different sounds from every mic you try. Eventually you will have a big collection of unique mics to use in your studio.

Selecting Microphones For Your Home Recording Studio


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See Lindens other tutorials at: +++ In this very short tutorial Linden Hudson points out something that you need to consider before buying and operating a wireless microphone system. Linden has been a location sound engineer for pro video and film for decades and he knows this topic well. ++++++++++++++++++++++++Linden Hudson once wrote a song on the ZZ Top "Eliminator" album. This album went on to be one of the biggest albums of all time, in fact its sales are listed as "diamond" which is much bigger than "platinum". The song Linden wrote for the album was titled "Thug". Then Linden spent 5 years suing ZZ Top for his money. This was a tough time in Lindens life as he had a newborn son and was having trouble paying the bills. Why do some stars treat people like this? Are they afraid therell be one less Mercedes in the driveway? (Books are written, see book excerpts below). ** PRESS EXCERPTS: FROM THE BOOK "SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP" (HYPERION BOOKS)(BY DAVID BLAYNEY, ZZ TOPS STAGE AND PRODUCTION MANAGER OF 15 YEARS): "sound engineer Linden Hudson co-wrote much of the material on the album (Eliminator) as a live-in high-tech music teacher to Beard and Gibbons." FROM THE BOOK: "TRES HOMBRES — THE STORY OF ZZ TOP" BY DAVID SINCLAIR (WRITER FOR THE LONDON TIMES): "Linden Hudson, the engineerproducer who lived at Beards house (ZZs drummer) had drawn their attention to the possibilities of the new recording technology and specifically to the <b>…<b>

VocoPro & NUVOICE – Recording Studios & Wireless Microphones

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Two great products used regularly at The Vocalist Studio from VocoPro. For more information visit:

Finding Quality Wireless Microphones

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A wireless microphone is a breakthrough technology that does not use a physical cable to connect it directly to the sound equipment or amplifying equipment. This microphone allows its users to instead benefit from the latest wireless technology. The use of this mic has been increasing steadily among media workers and those who are involved in the entertainment industry. This kind of microphone is a major component of almost every broadcast, motion picture, theatrical and sound stage production, as well as corporate, religious and educational venues.

There are numerous benefits obtainable from the wireless technology of these microphones. They give more freedom of movement to the artist or speaker. The wireless principle in this mic helps in eliminating cabling problems common with wired microphones. with this microphone, constant movement is allowed without worrying about stressing and tripping the cable wire.

However, these benefits are not always present in every wireless microphone available in the market. due to the high demand for this type, low quality wireless mics have made their way into the market, making it harder for anyone to find quality microphone products. Since this type of microphone does not come cheap, it is necessary to take full advantage of the money invested in purchasing this microphone. to capitalize on value, it is necessary to be mindful of several factors which can help find quality in wireless microphones.

In finding quality wireless microphones, the first thing to look for is the microphones’ range. Quality microphones feature a longer range which can cover from 300 feet to 100 meters. More superior and most likely more expensive microphones can even exceed this distance. having a microphone with a longer range can give greater freedom of movement to the microphone user.

High quality mics can also effectively deal with sound problems such as interference from other radio equipment and other radio microphones. A lot of new wireless mics in the market are equipped with frequency-synthesized and switch-selectable channels which help in avoiding these kinds of sound of the line wireless microphones also have a longer battery life which allows for longer operation time. these types of mics require more power than the usual wired microphones so it is recommended that you select quality microphones with longer battery life.

High-end wireless microphones can effectively eliminate noise or dead spots. Quality ones are outfitted with diversity reception with two separate receiver modules each with its own antenna. in effect, this type of microphone can transmit and receive both VHF and UHF radio frequency and can eliminate dead spots caused by the reflection of the radio waves on walls and surfaces in general. Wireless mics of higher value also have multiple radio frequencies which allow for the operation of unlimited number of microphones at the same time and place. to accommodate different levels of sound sources, most high-end microphones feature a built-in adjustable gain. Moreover, new wireless mics are equipped with a built-in squelch, which can be used to silence the output when the receiver does not get a strong or quality signal from the microphone.

Finding Quality Wireless Microphones

Customer Review for microphones for recording

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Are you certain that Shure Instrument Microphone Comparison. Recording guitar with PG57, SM57, Beta 57 – Nevada Music UK you’ve rise crossways is the finest ? I gain that the selection of Shure Instrument Microphone Comparison. Recording guitar with PG57, SM57, Beta 57 – Nevada Music UK from umpteen places.

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Customer Review for microphones for recording

Blue Microphones Yeti Mic Review

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The Blue Microphones Yeti is a USB condenser microphone that has some awesome features. Check out my review. Useful Links Supplied by: Sponsor: YouTube Channel: Website: Twitter: My intro & outro was created with the help of a template by Nefos. Link:

CAD M179 Condenser Microphone @

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Similar to the M177 except with an adjustable Polar Pattern, the M179 features a dual sided, externally biased capsule with a gold sputtered 1.1" diaphragm. The M179 has a high speed, low noise operational amplifier head amp, coupled with a new discrete high efficiency power supply circuit. This results in incredibly low noise, low distortion and fast transient response. The M179 will even work with 24-volt phantom supplies! The M179 also features a non-capacitive 20 dB pad switch and an 80 Hz high-pass filter.

Vectron International & Knowles Electronics Partners with SiTime Corporation

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Solidifying leadership position in MEMS Timing devices HUDSON, N.H. – Thursday, August 2nd 2012 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)- Vectron International and Knowles Electronics today issues a joint announcement that they have entered into a strategic partnership with SiTime Corporation. The partnership, which includes a cash investment by Vectron and Knowles, brings together three world class companies with the goal of driving unprecedented growth in MEMS Timing into the $4B Frequency Control Products (FCP) market. Speaking from Knowles’s headquarters in Itasca IL, Knowles CEO Jeff Niew said: “I am delighted to announce this strategic partnership. Knowles Electronics has long been known as an innovator and a leader in MEMS microphones and we look forward to bring the same level of success to the SiTime family of MEMS timing products.” Rick Hajec, President of Vectron International, added: “Vectron has been committed to bringing innovative timing devices to the Communications, Industrial and Military/Space markets for over 50years. we have closely followed advancements in MEMS Timing technology over the last decade and believe that SiTime’s product performance is poised to disrupt the timing industry and enable new market growth. we are excited by the prospect of bringing this compelling technology to all of our customers around the world.” In response to the announcement, Rajesh Vashist, CEO of SiTime, said: “SiTime is revolutionizing the timing market with our innovative silicon MEMS and analog technology. our leadership products have been adopted by major OEMs and ODMs worldwide, resulting in shipments of 120 Million units. Today, SiTime’s products are used in a broad range of applications that span cameras to wireless base stations. we are extremely excited about this partnership as it enables Knowles’ and Vectron’s customers to use SiTime’s Silicon MEMS timing products. Along with SiTime, Knowles-Vectron’s leadership position in consumer and precision timing markets is a potent combination that will accelerate the transformation of the timing industry.” as part of the agreement, both Vectron International and Knowles Electronics will sell MEMS timing products through their own direct sales channels, as well as support SiTime with future product developments. Other terms of the agreement were not disclosed. about Vectron International Vectron International is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor, and hybrid product solutions. Vectron solves complex timing, filtering and sensor challenges by delivering customized solutions that speed time to market and offer low total cost of ownership. Committed to the industry’s highest quality service standard and complete satisfaction, Vectron International leverages its global footprint and 50 years of experience to help customers achieve competitive differentiation and improve their bottom line. Vectron International is headquartered in Hudson, NH and has operating facilities and sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia. for more information, please visit . about Knowles Electronics – Founded in 1946, Knowles Electronics is the leading global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic and human interface solutions, including hearing aid components, MEMS microphones as well as dynamic speakers and receivers. Providing unique technology expertise and a broad product portfolio Knowles serves the markets for hearing health, mobile communications, consumer electronics, and professional audio. Headquartered in Itasca, USA, Knowles has more than 6,000 employees in 17 locations worldwide. for more information visit the Knowles website at . about SiTime SiTime Corporation, an analog semiconductor company, offers MEMS-based silicon timing solutions that replace legacy quartz products. With 80% market share and over 120 million devices shipped, SiTime is driving the $4 Billion timing market’s transition to 100% silicon-based timing. SiTime’s configurable solutions enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, reduced size and better reliability The rich feature set and flexibility of our solutions allows customers to consolidate their supply-chain, reducing cost of ownership and time to market. By using standard semiconductor processes and high volume plastic packaging, SiTime offers the best availability and shortest lead times in the industry. Contacts Vectron International bill Holbrook, 603-578-3052

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Vectron International & Knowles Electronics Partners with SiTime Corporation

Dynamic Vs. Condenser (Microphones)

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Dynamic Vs. Condenser (Microphones) Titles says it all, in this video we will be discussing and comparing uses for Condenser Microphones and the stereotypical Dynamic microphones. In this video we will be using : – DM-520 dynamic microphone, – Samson Co1 Studio condenser microphone If you have any questions or want more information do not hesitate to contact me ! Facebook = Twitter = @LouisgeorgeP Email = Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

BLUE Baby Bottle Studio Condenser Microphone Unboxing + Test

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