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Dr. Augustine Fou’s Online Scrapbook: Verbalizer: the open-source wireless microphone of your Arduino-loving dreams

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TrustedRx – system to detect and mitigate counterfeit drugs

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Dr. Augustine Fou’s Online Scrapbook: Verbalizer: the open-source wireless microphone of your Arduino-loving dreams

Studio microphone is considered one of the most crucial product whenever it involves setting up a home studio room.

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It really is important to be aware that most studio microphones really are USB microphones. USB microphones consist of most of the parts like normal microphones like a diaphragm and capsule in addition 2 circuits that are analog to digital converter and an onboard preamp. The converter alters the outcome in the microphone out of voltage to info so that it can be directly connected to a computer system and very easily look over using a software used for recording. The preamp makes it possible for the microphone to get connected to mixers or another external preamp.

The first type of studio microphone will be condenser microphone. It’s the most basic type of studio microphones. They operate by converting signals the result of acoustic energy to electro-mechanical energy resulting a more powerful signal. Condenser microphones use power from your studio’s mixing station and from the battery supply to run. there can be several different microphones that might often be sorted under condenser since they perform basing on condenser microphone basic principle.

The following form of studio microphone might be dynamic microphone. They are the kind of microphones that make signals by the conductor which is in magnet field staying in movement. The most of microphones which usually are categorized in the dynamic microphone type have a relatively light-weight, very thin diaphragm that will get in motion responding to the pressure within the sound its confronted with. The motion makes voice coils that are suspended to magnetic fields, making the fields to vibrate which in return makes electrical currents in small-scale portions. Typically, quality dynamic microphones can work with extremely high levels of sound pressure. Majority of dynamic studio microphones could function without having outside electrical power supply. Even then, because with their mechanical performance, they normally respond less significant to transients as a result often might not deliver high frequencies like some other microphones. in lots of occasions dynamic microphones being used in studios to capture drums, electric guitars and so forth.The 3rd main category of studio microphone will be the ribbon microphone. it is a velocity microphone, meaning that microphone normally reply to the velocity of the air that is produced with the sound alternatively than the amount from the pressure a result of the sound which other microphones interact to. The aged variations of this model of microphones can be very easily injured through shifting them inside the studio nevertheless the recent versions of ribbon studio can certainly endure a relatively good studio use. Ribbon microphones function by suspending loosely compact elements in the magnetic field that’s pretty powerful. The “ribbon” is get to motion because of the moving air flow thus cutting through the magnetic fields which in return causes sound signals. Normally, microphones that come under the ribbon group have pick-up patterns creating a figure 8.

Once reading through this article about Studio Microphone you may wish to visit my web site containing much more info regarding to Ribbon Microphone.

Studio microphone is considered one of the most crucial product whenever it involves setting up a home studio room.

The Voice Recap: The Final Round!

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Tonight’s show starts with a supremely uncomfortable performance of under Pressure by all the coaches. if the coach’s performances are prerecorded, why does this sound so crappy? It sounds like the microphones are all set to wildly different volumes so we hear one person shout tunelessly while the others try to blend in the background. Nobody sounds even remotely on key or even like they’re singing the same song. It was awful. if Cee Lo hadn’t come out dressed like a wizard on fire then the whole thing would have been a complete waste of time. This will not be the last awesome Cee Lo fashion contribution of the night, now the awesomest.

Speaking of fashion, here is our weekly Christina sartorial watch: She didn’t look too bad tonight. She’s still showing the maximum amount of cleavage allowed on a network show, but at least she was wearing “Dynasty” meets 60s pin-up black suit. It was Slutty Chic.

Carson throws to poor Alison Haislip, who is still doing the whole ‘live from the backstage/Apple Store’ thing. Yep, that’s still happening. This is a perfect place for the producers to make a cut next season, let’s hope they realize that and take this awkward segment out of the show. Nobody wants to watch Alison asking the contestants really asinine questions from Facebook and Twitter and calling the internet the “interwebs.” Hey guys, can we all agree to retire “interwebs”? That was funny exactly once, when Tracy Jordon said it on 30 Rock. It’s time to (in 30 Rock parlance) shut it down.

For the final round, each of the contestants is singing an original song and then performing a cover duet with their coach. Here’s the breakdown:

Javier Colon – Stitch By Stitch

Unfortunately for Javier, his original song is a very sleepy number that I think could sell like hot cakes on the radio but didn’t do him any favors on a live show when he’s supposed to inspire people to call in for him. he sounded pretty good, just a few pitchy moments, but I was bored to tears by this song (and I’m a Javier super fan) so I‘m not loving his chances to win this thing.

Javier and Adam – Man in The Mirror by Michael Jackson

For their duet, Adam and Javier decide to have a falsetto-off by performing a Michael Jackson song. It’s a good choice for Javier’s last hurrah as this song is a great showcase for his voice (in fact, he kind of blows Adam out of the water with his vocals). I will say this for Adam, though… the man can wear a suit. Damn, he’s pretty in black!

Dia Frampton – Inventing Shadows

I loved her vocals on this song! Of all the original songs of the night, this is by far the best singer/song match up. I think Dia’s probably got this one in the bag. She sounded really clear and beautiful and, even though it was a simple performance (just her at the piano) it was dynamic and entertaining. anything else to add? Hmm, let’s see… oh yeah, Blake, for some damn reason, felt the need to put the most ridiculous group of shadowbox INTERPRETIVE DANCERS behind Dia, making almost impossible to actually hear the song over the sound of your own laughter as you watch what looks like a mid-semester showcase at a French dance academy. WTF?!

Dia and Blake – I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty

Dressed in their Men in Black finest, Dia and Blake duet and Dia knocks it out of the park again. what I love about this girl is that her voice is completely unique (soft but with a bit of edge) and yet she somehow sounds great no matter what genre she sings in. It’s gotta be Rock Star Winnie Cooper with the win.

Vicci Martinez – Afraid to Sleep

I like Vicci’s voice, she sounds a little like old school Heart. But, like with Javier, the producers gave Vicci a really boring song. I will say this, Vicci worked the stage and performed the hell out of the song or as Blake puts it “[she] insists on being a big deal”. Cee Lo also helps her out by arranging the song really well and having her work the stage over a billowy cloud of smoke which looked cool as hell. To bad the song was kind of a clunker.

Vicci and Cee Lo – love Is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

Holy Shit. This is the performance that closed out the night, and it’s a doozy. there was nothing but sheer, undiluted, awesomeness in Cee Lo’s vision for this song. he and Vicci came out dressed like a cross between Road Warrior post apocalyptic punks and West Side Story gang members. They had groups of equally punked out children dance behind them (oh, you read that correctly, there were CHILDREN DRESSED AS POST APOCOLYPSE PUNK GANG BANGERS) and these kids were amazing dancers. there was a part where two adorable boys did capoeira style moves and there was a huge backing band and fireworks and did I mention Holy Shit! did it sound great? Not really. Cee Lo was barely audible and Vicci was a touch screechy. Does that matter at all? Nope.

Beverly McClellan – Lovesick

This is the only really upbeat song out of the originals and Bev KILLS the performance of this song. She puts all her considerable showmanship into the performance and really does an amazing job. She may not have the originality or vocal control of the others, but Beverly is far and away the best performer of the bunch. I would probably buy a Dia or Javier album but I’d pay good money to see Beverly perform live.

Beverly (Sharks On her Neck!) and Christina (Miss Thang) – Beautiful by Linda Perry

I can’t decide if it’s sweet or really self serving of Christina to pick one of her own hits to duet with Beverly. She claims that the song is so special and dear to her that she wanted to share it with someone else… but part of me can’t help but wonder if she did that so: A) she won’t have to learn a new song and B) so she could use this as a platform to try and sell more copies of her original single. what I do have to give her credit for is showing a  modicum of restraint and not blowing Beverly out of the water the way she does with the other coaches when she shares a stage with them. Christina’s vocal prowess is undeniable and it’s not surprising that Beverly gets a little overshadowed by Christina in this performance. On the plus side, Beverly proves to have a much lovelier voice than I think we’ve been privy to before, she sings the song really well and sounds both soulful and tender while singing.

Well that’s it for the contestants. we were also “treated” to a couple of performances by Pitbull (with NEO) and Brad Paisley (with Blake). I don’t have anything to say about either… they were not necessary or any more entertaining that the contestant’s performances. Although I have to give props to Pitbull for having the line “I got it locked up like Lindsey Lohan” in his song.

Oh! Who else caught Cee Lo’s delightful tribute to cunnilingus at the end of the show, as they were signing off? Ah, live TV… gotta love it. see ya tomorrow for the last episode of the season.

The Voice Recap: The Final Round!

Blue Microphones Mikey – Macworld Australia

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If you occasionally need a pocketable recorder for an iPod or iPhone you’re carrying, the Mikey is a reasonable choice. It’s a cardioid condenser microphone that records44.1kHz/16-bit audio at a frequency response of 35Hz to 20kHz and can be angled to seven different positions.

It includes a line-in port that allows you to easily record audio from an external source, and a USB port for charging the iOS device while the Mikey is connected.

Although the three gain settings on the current models are the same as they were on the first one, they have been tweaked so that they’re less sensitive – making it very difficult to overdrive the gain on any of the Mikey’s settings.

It’s compatible with any iOS voice recording application – including Apple’s Voice Memos – but the company recommends its free Blue FiRe recording app as it adds the ability to record over Mikey’s threshold level as well as record for a user-specified period of time (an hour, for example) or until a time you specify (5pm, for instance).The Mikey doesn’t support the iPhone 4, but a second model – the Mikey-2 – does.

The Mikey turns your iPod or iPhone into a serviceable recorder (although quiet on the low and medium settings). It’s good value for those who need a mic for occasional use; those who need a field recorder on a routine basis should look at a dedicated and more flexible device such as the Zoom H1.

Blue Microphones Mikey – Macworld Australia

County fair talent shows can be surprising

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The television series “America’s Got Talent” has nothing on a good county fair talent contest.

Over the years, I’ve been roped into being the master of ceremonies at a good many of these events.

The first was actually a Little miss pageant at the Wayne County Fair where I walked out, tripped on a nail sticking up on the wooden stage, fell flat on my face and tore my suit pants. I received a standing ovation for what the audience believed was a well-executed pratfall.

I swore I’d never MC another one. But that was then.

Last Wednesday evening, I manned the microphone for the annual Hamilton County Fair Talent show in beautiful McLeansboro, Ill. — home of Jerry Sloan, the world famous head coach of the NBA’s Utah Jazz. Jerry apparently couldn’t make it, but two of his sisters had front row seats. because of threatening weather, the event was moved into the floral hall.

The first act was an electric guitar solo. I can’t remember the title of his tune, but it was something like “My ears are bleeding, why aren’t yours.”

Actually this young guitarist was extremely talented. Unfortunately his full potential could not be realized in a metal-sided pole barn built to display blue-ribbon sweet pickles and grandma’s angel food cake.

In the “Anything Goes” category, a little girl demonstrated her hula-hoop talent. Unfortunately, after about a half-dozen orbits, she grew tired of the whole affair and sat down. despite her early exit from the makeshift stage, I can tell you it still took a lot of guts for a girl her age to get up in front of a crowd of people — including two close relatives of the world-famous Jerry Sloan.

In the junior vocals category, 15-year-old Jasmine Siebers of Carmi, Ill., blew the audience away with a country tune. her poise, confidence, and remarkable vocal talent earned her top honors in her division. I have no doubt in my mind that Jasmine is well on her way to a career in Nashville.

Unfortunately, not all county fair country singers are as talented as Jasmine. I remember a young man at a talent show in Cisne, Ill., who came out on stage to perform the big country hit — “Walking to Jerusalem.” Wearing a pair of well-worn cowboy boots, this unusual entrant’s entire act involved stomping across stage to the beat of the song.

If I remember right, he stomped so hard that the microphone stand fell over into the audience. He stomped right off the stage and may very well have made it to Jerusalem by now. I can only hope.

It’s only the beginning of the county fair season. there will be tons of talent on display over the next few weeks. Somewhere between harness racing and the tractor pull, I hope you can find time to take in a good old fashioned county fair talent show. You will be amazed at some of the home grown talent. I know I was.

County fair talent shows can be surprising

What would a studio condenser microphone do to my singing?

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I need to record my songs with my acoustic guitar… what would a condenser do to my vocals? is there a difference if i use it or not?

What would a studio condenser microphone do to my singing?

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

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The e835 is a High Quality vocal microphone. it has a cardioid pick-up pattern for excellent feedback rejection and uniform on and off axis response.Amazon Sales Rank: #2715 in Musical Instruments Color: Charcoal Brand: Sennheiser Model: e835 Dimensions: 4.53″ h x 2.99″ w x 10.04″ l, 2.00 pounds Gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures clarity and projection Minimal Proximity effect provides consistently clear bass end performance when singing closer to or further from capsule Cardioid pick-up pattern provides good signal isolation and feedback rejection, enabling higher sound levels to be obtained Metal construction and internal shock-mount system minimizes handling noise Frequency response 40-16,000 Hz, Impedence 350 OhmsClient more useful to 6 of 6 people found this review helpful. As I said before, I also review by Christopher 3-pack. I think it's a very good microphone. I am currently using podcasting and the sound quality is superb microphones with the same price range of this type. The unit seems solid and well made. I never feel this product will ever break, and the warranty of 10 years only proves that this will not be breaking any time soon. Sennheiser uses a capsule in my opinion far better than the Shure 57 and 58 … though thats not saying much when they're both 50 years of a project … I would definitely suggest a friend, but if I had money I would spend more than 50 to e935, but I just do not. But so far this applies to his wonderful a microphone. In response to comment, saying that it was more .. dim … I think that person should not have adjusted their level … Each microphone has some adjustments to what you do. A small amount of EQ goes a long way ;-) 8 of 9 people found the following review helpful. E 835 S Senn – mic, muddy clogged by D. Ho There are four microphones to consider in the price range of $ 100, Sennheiser e 835 S, Shure SM58, Audix OM-2, and AKG D5. I do sound for 10 years. Each has its own shortcomings. Senn: lower midrange congestion – if you have a cold, warm-sounding rolled-off high. Sounds very muddy, but will be more "body" to add to your sound. Shure: cold-mic sound better than high Senn, some mid-range turbidity. AKG: mic sound nice. Problem if you "push" from the microphone, or singing loudly. Mic seems to have a delay. AUDIX: mic sound very nice. no sound problems. Nice, extensive high. it is the shadow of the impressive 5-OM (+ $ 250), which is faster and has better clarity. My advice: go with the Audix OM-2, or $ 200 + 935 for spending an Audix OM-5 or Senn. both sound very similar high-end microphones 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Microphone supercard Jacques Lebeau had thought to buy Shure SM58, but nevertheless, the E835 is working. I use several of them on setting up live sound of acoustic instruments and voice. I am very happy. See all 5 customer reviews ….

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

Could Jon Huntsman be the answer to the Republican Party’s prayers?

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David Usborne spends some quality time with the man who may prove the greatest threat to Obama

Saturday, 25 June 2011

For those of us crammed into the sixth floor of an anonymous office tower in downtown Orlando it is like witnessing the rushed birth of a corporation.

The beaming CEO arrives to cut a ribbon with cardboard scissors and to give a pep talk to eager workers he has never met before. The place will soon be a hub of mad activity but today rows of doors reveal offices without furniture, and no one has business cards yet.

Quick off the mark, however, have been the branding people. Posters are everywhere sporting a snazzy "H" logo in red and black, as if advertising a new men’s scent or a department store.

It stands for Huntsman, first name Jon, whom everyone has come to see. and although business has been a big part of this Utah native’s life, what he’s launching here is different: he is running to be president of the United States of America.

Mr Huntsman, 51, with is matinee-idol looks and picture-perfect family – he and his wife, Mary Kaye, have seven children, the last two adopted from China and India – announced before the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday that he was crashing the party to seek the Republican nomination for president.

His quest to become the chosen one to take on President Barack Obama in 2012 has the political parlours of America in a tizzy. no one is yet able to guess whether he might catch fire and snatch the front-runner’s position from Mitt Romney – a fellow Mormon and distant cousin – or fizzle out in the first furlong.

That it will be tricky hoeing has not escaped him. he has chosen to compete in a year when, in the primary process at least, the conservative wing of the party will be more influential than ever. this is problematic for a man who favours civil unions for gays, who believes global warming is man-made and who even this week has voiced his respect for President Obama, for whom until 53 days ago he was ambassador in China.

For all his acumen, his first days on the trail have been marked by mild chaos. here, he arrives one hour late for the ribbon cutting. At Lady Liberty, aides handed out press passes with Jon spelled as John. and someone else who is not a fan has claimed ownership of and posted on the site a letter the candidate wrote praising mr Obama in 2009 on his dispatch to Beijing, fringed with valentine hearts.

"It’s going to be a hard-fought battle, I can tell you that," he warns when finally he grasps a microphone, his wife and five of his children and one son-in-law at his side. "we know it’s going to be tough, and it’s going to be bruising, and there are going to be some tough days."

Mr Huntsman, however, has an electric smile and even here there is no mistaking the ease with which he shakes hands and talks to staff and would-be supporters. if the FPH – feet per hour – a candidate covers working a crowd is a measure of skilful campaigning, he looks like a champion. he covers barely 20ft in a quarter of an hour.

His focus at this event is on his staff as much as on voters, however. and he offers some guiding principles he says he wants them to hold close. The first is what every candidate will say this year. "To all those who will be roaming these halls I want you just keep in mind jobs and the economy. I don’t want you ever to forget what is driving this campaign. this is about getting the greatest nation that there ever was back on its feet again." But the smiling Mormon also reiterates something else he wants as a key theme of his campaign that some think will be his Achilles heel. It’s about niceness.

"Civility means something," he offers to applause. "I don’t believe that you have to run down another human being to run for president of the United States." this, he goes on, is about, "civility, respect and that sense of decency and humanity that made this great country. a lot of people would say that we are a great country because we are good country. we are a good country and we have a good heart."

Even in the room not everyone is convinced the civility pledge is wise, even if he is able to live up to it.

"this nice-guy thing is going to have to go away real quick," whispers Ron McKinney, a big cheese in the investment banking community in Orlando and an influential power-broker among Florida Republicans.

"there is no such thing as civility in politics. Nice guys usually come in … well, you finish the sentence."

But mr Huntsman knows a thing or two about politics and getting votes. he won a second term as governor of Utah in 2008 with an astonishing 78 per cent of the vote, and by most measures he was deemed to have been a particularly effective steward of his state until he answered the call to go to China the next year.

Hailing from Mormon-majority Utah, of course, has both an upside and a downside. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offer both him (and mr Romney) a potentially very deep pool of campaign donations. a recent Gallup poll suggested, however, that almost a quarter of American voters would pause before electing a Mormon as president.

For mr Romney, another former Republican governor and successful tycoon (he used to run Massachusetts), the addition of mr Huntsman to the field might be good news if it dilutes the Mormon factor for him on the stump. But it means he now has competition for those Mormon dollars that helped him build a credible campaign in 2008, even if the nomination was eventually won by Senator John McCain. Who, by the way, was mr Romney’s national finance chairman last time? Jon Huntsman Sr, this candidate’s father.

The men are intertwined by blood and romance also. An early Mormon missionary, Parley Pratt, is mr Huntsman’s great-great-great-grandfather and mr Romney’s great-great-grandfather. Huntsman’s maternal grandfather was best friends with mr Romney’s father. His uncle once dated mr Romney’s sister.

Both families also have traditions of money-making. Jon Huntsman Sr, a highly successful industrialist in Utah, is known on occasion to lend company jets to the leaders of the Church. His wealth was founded in part on his company inventing the "clam-shell" packing that big Macs come in.

The styles of the men do not mesh in the same way. It may be generational. Over a decade younger, mr Huntsman emphasises engaging young Republicans in his speech here today and, while he has no difficulty working the crowd and grasping hands, Romney can suffer from awkwardness on the trail.

The hullabaloo of the ribbon-cutting and staff-greeting completed, mr Huntsman invites a small group of reporters into one of the side offices – chairs are quickly brought in – to detail how he expects to win this race even in the new Tea Party era. It will begin by his skipping the caucuses in Iowa, which open the process and which over the years have become especially difficult terrain for moderates.

Instead, the Huntsman campaign will focus all of its resources at the outset on three early primary states: new Hampshire, South Carolina and then Florida. (Putting his campaign HQ here is an acknowledgement of the pivotal role the Sunshine State has played in every recent presidential race.) "It will be a bit like running gubernatorial campaigns in three states simultaneously," mr Huntsman suggests.

To an extent he is copying pages from mr McCain’s song book. Crucially, the primary races in new Hampshire and South Carolina are open to every voter and not just Republicans. if he can appeal to moderate Republicans, independents and even some Democrats who maybe disenchanted with mr Obama, he could become a powerful contender, especially if the Tea Party vote is split by other rivals.

He meanwhile dismisses the suggestion that his emphasis on civility can never last and might hurt him. "you know, whenever I talk about this people clap and cheer. we talk about Afghanistan, we talk about balancing the economy, we talk about energy independence, we talk about a lot of things. But when we talk about civility, people respond positively everywhere where I go."

For now, Republican voters want to see more of mr Huntsman before deciding if he is a viable runner. (He is barely registering in the polls.) "I like his temperament, he seems like a level-headed guy and I want to learn more about him," says Naeem Coleman, 31, an estate agent who has come here to the sixth floor to hear him speak.

It is Mary Kaye Huntsman who captures that sense of a candidacy just hatching as she introduces him to the room. "Meet the most undiscovered leader in America today, whom you are soon going to know so much more about," she declares.

From Ambassador to President – not such a well-trodden path

*Thomas Jefferson was ambassador to France between 1785 and 1789, supporting the revolutionaries when the French Revolution broke out towards the end of his term. On his return to the US he was immediately made Secretary of State and by 1801 he was in the White House.

*George H W Bush served as ambassador to the United Nations between 1971 and 1973, while Richard Nixon was president and the Vietnam War was on. he became director of the CIA and Ronald Reagan’s vice-president. he was eventually elected president in 1989, but the charms of bill Clinton beat him four years later.and the one that wasn’t…

*Joe Kennedy, the fiercely ambitious father of JFK, right, was appointed ambassador to the UK in 1938. he caused an outcry by declaring democracy "finished" and fleeing to the countryside during the Blitz, while other ambassadors and the Royal Family remained in London. he was forced to resign from his post and the controversy thwarted his presidential ambitions.

Could Jon Huntsman be the answer to the Republican Party’s prayers?

What do QTR or XLR mean regarding Microphone Shure PG58?

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What is the difference between QTR and XLR? ..Furthermore, what does it mean? I thought it means the type of connection.
Your kind help will be appreciated.

What do QTR or XLR mean regarding Microphone Shure PG58?

Can massive feedback cause the batteries in a wireless microphone to stop working?

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Recently I was doing a show for my school and massive feedback occurred. Next thing you know the mic stopped working because the batteries didn't work. the batteries were brand new at the beginning of the show. the broken batteries were replaced, and the mic worked again. all other mics worked fine with the new batteries till the end of the show.

My question is, could the feedback have anything to do with the mic not working/batteries being dead.

Can massive feedback cause the batteries in a wireless microphone to stop working?